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Tuesday, October 1, 2013 | 0 Comment(s). Leave me one?
Last week was on MC from Tuesday ~ Friday as I was experiencing on n off pains.. KK Hospital gynaes diagnosed as severe Braxton hicks contraction. I changed my previous gynae Dr Woo Bit Hwa from TMC to KKH gynae Dr Khoo Chong Kiat as recommended by my colleague. He was really very nice and funny young man in his mid 40s I believe. Hubby and I felt very comfortable to be with him. Thus I shall have him as our gynae till little Mavise is out.
We were really very excited everyday looking forward to November for her arrival!
As now she is growing bigger and bigger, her kicks are also getting more n more intense. And she really move and kick ALOT! I always love it whenever she move slightly (Not the type chor lor type which are really very uncomfy for me.) Especially whenever she stretch/kicks slowly and lightly with her legs which I can feel them when I place my hand over my tummy. Really so cute that I always laugh out loud on my own. LOLZ!!
She's just so my cute baby girl !
Hubby suggested that we go on a holiday along with his buddy Qi Ming during Feb 2014. Yeah!! But still not yet confirm. Will see how it goes again. Hopefully we have extra cash to go! =)
April 2014 will be going to thailand as hubby's buddy Bao Jie is having his thailand wedding over there.. Yeah~~ Holiday AGAIN! =) People asked, u bear to leave your baby to go holiday? My answer for NOW is, YES! Hahahaha! Because nothing beats more important than our couple time with my most beloved hubby! =) (But prolly when my baby is out, will be different story lah~~ Lolz!)
Last Thursday met up with Yiru and her cute Elijah boy @ compass point jacks' place.
Cute Elijah with hubby... Hubby insisted to help nanny Elijah while Yiru eat.. Seems Daddy Lee had a hard time trying to pacify him~~ Hahahaha!!
Last week order Samsung Note 3 and we went to collect it during the Singtel launch in MBS. Bought it as a present for hubby.. (Bcuz I still owe him his birthday present that ws long overdue in May. :P) Went together along with us was Mother yiyi.. We shopped around.. Ended up had an impromtu purchase! Speedy 25 with shoulder strip which is in my wishlist!!!!
My advanced Push Present from hubby!! Yeahhhh~ (He said, cuz he can save more money as he planned to buy me a Rolex. But I knew one day he will definitely buy me one Rolex too!)

Thank you Baobei daddy~~

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 | 0 Comment(s). Leave me one?
Last friday was on MC as both of my feets was badly swollen that it hurts alot whenever I walk. =(

Last thursday my feet started to swell in the late evening (As usual, nothing special.) but I dare not lay on bed and elevate my feet on pillow as I'm afraid my heartburn will get worst, as I tried to elevate my feet on wednesday night, but keep having serious heartburn then I kept choked on it.

Woke up on friday morning, feets are still as swollen. Thus I called in for a MC to rest at home. (Usually my feet will ease from swelling every morning.)

Hubby bought me to see doctor and we went for prata breakfast aftermath.

Rest the whole day at home on friday, nua and nua~~~ =)

Saturday woke up early as it was my company's treat to the Universal Studio Singapore!! Went to listen CEO's speech followed by some performance and left USS, as hubby was waiting outside USS for me cuz he didnt want to spent money buying ticket to go USS. Ended up, Hubby bought me into casino!! Hahahahah! Never went to sg Casino before.. He paid for my levy and we "explore" inside walk walk. And all thanks to the beginner's luck + hubby my lucky star, I won $150 by playing "Sex & The City" jackpot! Hahahaha! Really so super happy!! And hubby bought me to Hard Rock cafe for lunch, as suddenly Little Mavise was kicking me, telling me she was furmished! Lolz! Yummy~~ and after which, we went back to casino walk walk and left RWS at 2+pm... And I was really super duper~~~~~ TIRED!!!

Totally soooOOoo tired that I fell asleep in the car whileon our way homey~ And the silly hubby was so happy that I fell asleep in the car bcuz he always love to see me sleep and rest..=)

Reached home and I slept thru~~~ till 6pm. . Hubby invited his buddy to join us for dinner, and we went to 奇味鸡. Yummy~~ It's my first visit to 奇味鸡! So niceeee~ Coincidentally saw my ex-kimage colleague Serene at there too! =)

Sunday attended a wedding lunch of my MDIS mate, Kandy and Liling.I really sincerely hope they will forever lasting love! =) Hubby and I had wonderful time with the other MDIS mates! =))

Aftermath, we went NEX to shop around as hubby applied leave for that day, and he die die don't want to go home as he needed to fully utilize his leave. Lolz!! Accompany him to shop even thou I was dead beat!

Am getting more n more tired each day, backache getting bad to worst, below getting more n more sore, getting more n more breathless, starting to walk even more slowly because I'm soooo heavy!

Another 2.5 months to go!!!!

Can't wait to see my dearest precious baby girl !! =))))

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 | 0 Comment(s). Leave me one?
Yesterday little girl wasnt moving alot.. Was alittle worried..

Yesterday before sleeping, I sang song to little Precious...And she was kicking kicking! :D I realized she love Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!!! Hahahahaha! Bcuz I sang Itsy Bitsy Spider, Little indian boy, many songs.. But she only response to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ! hahahaha!! And hubby was laughing away while I sang song to Little Precious! Hahahahaha!!

Yesterday the poor hubby was on MC as he was having a very bad sore throat. *Heart pain!*

Today is the 2nd day of our house's common toilet renovation. Hopefully the toilet can be done asap~~ Cuz I dont really used to using PIL's toilet~~

And  I miss my hubby cuz tday he is working Night Shiftttttt.. HaTE IT!

I cant wait to see my Little Precious Girl, Mavise Lee!!!!

Below is the video I FINALLY managed to capture on her kicks!
( My tummy "vibrate" and please pardon me with the ugly full of stretchmarks tummy. =((((   )
Because whenever she kicks, I'll quickly take my HP to video down her movement, but she would stop moving. But as I never record video anymore, she kicks and move again! Lolz! What a naughty little girl !

Monday, September 2, 2013 | 0 Comment(s). Leave me one?
I'm going into 3rd trimester in 3 days time!! Woo Hoo!!

As usual, Mavise is always kicking me. But I really do enjoy by looking at my tummy see how my tummy vibrate and moves while she kicks. Hahahahah! Many times I can laugh looking at it even when I'm alone. Hahahahahahahah! Yesterday asked hubby to concentrade on my tummy and see how his little devil kicked me. Hubby and I had a good laugh at it too.

Yesterday hubby was swaying left to right while he was playing game.. and realized Mavise was like following hubby's Rhythm! When he is swaying left to right, Mavise kick kick kick. When hubby stopped, she also stopped. I told hubby about it, and he tried to sway left to right again, and Mavise really kick n kick again! And when hubby stopped, Mavise also stop! Hahahahahah! Funny little girl !

Wooo Hoo~~ I'm now a confirmed staff and I will need to clear half of my leave before I start my maternity leave. So I just applied on :
- 11th & 12th Sept. (11th Hubby off, and I can nua at home with him. 12th Sept having gynae appt to see little kiddo.)
- 20th Sept. (Hubby going to do 4 tooth extraction. Siao kia! pluck so many tooth at one go!)
- 14th Oct. (15th Oct is a tuesday and a public holiday. Can have super long weekend for me!!)

Hopefully my boss will approve all my leave applications.

I'm still left with 0.5days to clear sia.

On Saturday went to did my pedicure with hubby helped to choose the nail polish color. Clubbing Blueee~ Never had this color before and hubby and I love it! =)
Hubby loitered around Hougang Ave 8 while waiting for me, and ended up when he came back, he told me he saw a facial salon having promotion for facial only @ $29! So I said we can buy many of it and keep for future use, so we do not need to go all the way to JB to do facial. Ended up after finished my pedicure, half way home, hubby u-turn and went to the facial salon and bough 15 courses package. HAHAHAHAHA!!
Yesterday went to the salon for facial, Awwww~ love the way they do pimples extraction... So gentle and soft! =)

And that's how I spent my weekend.. Nth much but relaxation and nua nua nua.

Sprained my wist since last weekend due to bad posture. Bcuz I lay on bed and hold my iPad mini for hours to watch movies and dramas..the aching lasted all the way till now. It's red and Swollen! =(

Me in week 23 and week 27! =)))))

Gonna see my precious in 2 mths 3 weeks!! Gonna start my maternity leave in 2 mths 1 week!!

Friday, August 30, 2013 | 0 Comment(s). Leave me one?
Wooo Hoo!! Today I'm pregnant @ 27 weeks!! Will finally step into 3rd trimester next week!! Super happy!!


Your baby gets everything it needs from you through the placenta.

As long as the supplies are good the baby will kick. If the placenta

does not supply enough or the baby becomes ill, it must save energy

to continue to grow, so there are fewer kicks. If you smoke, both the

placenta and your baby are affected, and there will be less kicking.

If the placenta becomes very weak, growth is inhibited, and your

baby could become seriously ill or injured. Your baby also may have

trouble during birth. This seldom happens, though, if your baby is

kicking normally!

Sometimes your baby is calm. It is important that you notice, though,

when it kicks much less than usual. When you feel the normal life

rhythm in there, that is a sign your baby is fine. By feeling for the kicks

you are connecting with your baby. That's why it's good to count kicks!

I'm glad that Baby Mavise is kicking me alot. Tried to count her kicks earlier on, she kicked me 10 times within 7 mins. Hahahahah! How active can this naughty little cutie pie be. Lolz!! =))) Love her to the max!

Just got to know that my ex-bf's sister also got pregnant with a baby girl ! Congrats and really happy for her. And so coincidentally, our EDD was the same day! =)

Everyday feeling so heavy and clumsy.. =( Am quite depressed about it but hubby keep console me all these fats will go away after Mavise is out. Haiz~~ But still cant wait feeling depressed about it.

Another 2 weeks to go till my next gynae check up! Weeee~ Cant wait to see our little precious again! Mummy and Daddy misses you so much, Mavise!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 | 0 Comment(s). Leave me one?
Had just ordered 1 maternity dress from ASOS! First time shopped online with ASOS. Hopefully their delivery will be fast. As I need the dress to attend my ex-MDIS classmate's wedding lunch. Love the dress alot. I hope it would fit me nicely. =)

$26.30 with FREE shipping loh! Cheap dao~~~~ If not few days back was sourcing for a maternity dress, it would cost like $69 for a decent nice dress loh! =(

Wonder if hubby would allow me to wear heels or platform heels anot leh.. Lolz! Cuz wear so nice, den with flats, I would definitely looked FAT & SHORT!!!!!

Saturday, August 24, 2013 | 0 Comment(s). Leave me one?
Yesterday was on MC as my backache was quite bad, also experiencing some cramps. So took MC to rest at home. Accompanied hubby to see doctor as he was sick too. Poor hubby! Sick for the longest and to only see doctor after being sick for 1+mth!

And we bought a new tablet/laptop!! Weeee~~~~ So nice to use~ (Which obviously I'm using now. Hheheh!!)

Guess today will be a stay home nua day. =) I love nua-ing at home with my hubby!!!

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